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Boulting Power Centre LV Switchboard Range

Boulting Ltd extends its LV Assembly products with the introduction of the Boulting Power Centre range of LV switchboards designed to meet your power management requirements

Demands for power in modern buildings is increasingly high and critical. The need for supply to heavy electrical loads in modern commercial buildings and facilities such as IT equipment and air conditioning is increasingly required to be balanced with the need to consider energy efficiency and future energy costs.

Innovative Power Management

The Boulting Power Centre range has been developed to provide cost efficient power management with high reliability and availability.

We can provide innovative power management for all your power needs from current rating 400 Amp (BPC25) to current rating 6300 Amp (BPC100). Now whether you are looking to provide more power in a smaller space or planning to maximise your power in a new building project, there is a compact, flexible configuration available.

The Boulting Power Centre range delivers reliability built in from years of extensive, trusted product development and experience. They offer greater reliability, cost effectiveness, control of maintenance costs and will help you to reduce your energy costs.

Boulting Power Centre LV Switchboard Range

  Fault Level Current rating Form Type IP rating Access Cable entry
BPC100 100kA /1 sec 2500A - 6300A 4 2 to 7 IP31 Front/rear Top/bottom
BPC80 80kA/1 sec 1600A - 4000A 4 2 to 7 IP31 Front/rear Top/bottom
BPC50 50kA/1 secs 800A - 3200A 4 2 to 7 IP31 / IP54 Front/rear Top/bottom
BPC25 25kA/1 secs 400A - 800A 4 2 to 7 IP31 / IP54 Front/rear Top/bottom

Customisable, Flexible Design

We understand that every facility has a different power need with demands on space. The Boulting Power Centre is flexible in its design, with customisable configurations enabling us to truly meet your power management needs. So now you can achieve maximum energy efficiency using the latest technology designed to fit around your space, ensuring you can utilise the more of building for its true purpose.

Simplicity and reliability with natural ventilation

With the innovative design of the naturally ventilated Boulting Power Centres, we don’t need to include electric fans, air flow switches or their alarms. Consequently you no longer need to worry about their maintenance, replacements or associated running costs. The cleverly designed heat dissipation system provides inherent reliability so that you achieve maximum availability.

Boulting Power Centre maximises energy efficiency

We utilise the latest range of ABB Low Voltage switchgear products including the new innovative SACE Emax 2 range of Air Circuit Breakers.

The SACE Emax 2 is able to adapt the demand for power according to the availability of the energy source, the time of day and cost. The power controller helps you to meet energy reduction targets and maximise efficiency.

As well as being one of the safest breakers ever built, the SACE Emax 2 also offers the greatest variety of communication protocols available directly on the circuit breaker, enabling perfect integration into substation automation.

Cost Effective service from design to integration

We offer a complete design, build, installation and commissioning service bespoke to your requirements.

Through our customer focused consultation you can be confident that we will deliver solutions that meet your specific requirements. And by dealing with a single, experienced supplier and systems integrator you can trust that we will be able to deliver your solution on time and within budget.


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