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Industrial Network Solutions

• Extensive feasibility studies
• Network Audit and design
• Legacy integration/migration
• Network security
• Project Management
• Dedicated Fibre Optic specialist team

Boulting Technology specialises in performance-driven, secure, customised industrial network solutions in the operation technology (OT) space that facilitate migration from legacy systems and seamless integration into the information technology (IT) space.  

We have a strong portfolio of industrial network solutions projects in the utilities, transport and manufacturing sectors, which has delivered innovative, customer led, business enabling solutions for over 10 years.

We understand the constant drive for efficiency, increased productivity, security and innovation. Through our determination to deliver Engineering Excellence, we are able to develop the appropriate technical solution to address business challenges, usually in challenging environments.


Your unique performance requirements met with unique solutions

Due to the difficult nature of industrial environments and the high cost of failure or downtime, Boulting Technology’s industrial network solutions are custom made to meet demanding and unique environmental and performance requirements.

We offer a scope of networking technologies including cabling solutions, data network configurations, wireless technology, signal transmission and conversion, client systems and professional network services.

We offer the best technological solution for your business helping you to achieve total control, achievable through our vendor independent status.  We work with you to meet clear objectives relating to network performance, security, segregation, interoperability and migration impact.

Custodians for confidence

We offer an end-to-end service and with early engagement can to help you to foresee and overcome potential hurdles.

Once a project is completed, we continue to offer support and maintenance services, effectively becoming the custodians of the industrial network and coordinating any changes, upgrades or contracting work. This ensures the security and reliability of the network.

Total control through the internet of things

Internet of things: the next generation is already here, and we understand the connectivity and control that can be achieved now and in the future.

We will work with you to provide visibility of data across your platforms meaning that remote control, full visibility and improved productivity are already a reality.

Network Audit and design

Whether you are starting at the very beginning, or planning a legacy migration, we have the expertise to implement a solution that meets your needs both today and in the future.

We can simulate live use, test system resilience and acceptance criteria. This ability to model the whole system ensures that we can reduce installation time and disruption ensuring a smooth and cost effective implementation with minimal risk.

Cabling infrastructure solutions

• Site survey
• Consultancy
• Connectivity audit
• Design
• Implementation
• Acceptance
• Documentation and certification
• Preventative and reactive Maintenance
• Cable management solutions
• Cable containment solutions

We have the in house capability to design and implement from
conception to completion.  Our dedicated fibre optic specialist team have
over 20 years’ experience. Boulting specialists offer the complete
range of services, including termination and testing.

By dealing with a single supplier you can be confident that we will deliver your whole solution.

Dedicated Fibre Optic Team

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We partner with the industries leading equipment vendors including:

Cisco Rockwell Hirschmann Red Lion Siemens

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