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Package Sub-Stations & LV Switchboard

Custom and fully flexible Package Sub Stations and LV Switchboard ranges.

Boulting Package Sub-Stations and LV Switchboard ranges have an install base both in the UK and overseas. From large industrial process plants to and critical power stations our product range delivers reliability built in from years of extensive, trusted product development and experience.

With solutions for Dual Incomers and Generator supplies, options for paralleling supplies and UPS solutions, Boulting makes sure your facility and assets have the uptime available even in the most extreme circumstances.

Customisable, Flexible Design

We understand that every facility has a different power need with demands on space. Boulting Package Substations and LV Switchboards are flexible in its design, with customisable configurations including back-to-back, U / L shaped configurations and busbar bridges. The compact footprint enables us to design around your space, ensuring you can utilise more of the building for its true purpose and deliver cost effective refit or build.

Power Management & Automation

Our power management systems are able to intelligently monitor and control your power requirements.  Using the latest technologies you can save money on energy bills whilst still maintaining your critical supplies.

Using a variety of communication protocols available directly on the devices, data is easily and readily available. Through our system integration and digital services we ensure visibility of  up to date information for instant decision making and a variety of data analytics.

Simplicity and reliability through natural ventilation

With the innovative design of the naturally ventilated system, we don’t need to include cooling fans, air flow switches or their alarms. Consequently you no longer need to worry about their maintenance, replacements or associated running costs. The cleverly designed heat dissipation system provides inherent reliability so that you achieve maximum availability.


  • MV/LV Transformer Rating: Up to 4MVA
  • Busbar Systems: 4000A to 6300A 100KA 1 sec, 2000A to 3200A 80KA 1 sec, 800A to 2000A 50KA 1 sec
  • Voltage: 400V to 690V
  • Form of Separation: Form 4b type 2 to type 7
  • IP Rating: IP31, IP42, IP54
  • Assembly Construction: Welded Construction, Fixed or Withdrawable
  • Cabling Access: Top, Bottom, Front or Rear
  • Devices: ACBs, MCCBs, Fuse Switches


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