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ABB and Boulting Power ahead

High fault level switchgear for building services and industrial applications 

Leading UK manufacturer of low voltage assemblies and systems integrator, Boulting Technology, has traversed new ground with its 100kA low voltage (LV) switchboard. The product is the largest specification Boulting has developed to date and is specially designed for building services and industrial facilities with applications requiring high fault levels.

Boulting Technology designed and built the switchboard in the UK before it was shipped to Italy where it was ASTA certified. This ensures that the assembly is BS EN 61439 compliant, a mandatory requirement from November 1, 2014. Boulting Technology worked closely with ABB in a joint partnership to develop the new Switchboard design.

As well as offering customers peace of mind that their switchgear is up to date with industry regulations, Boulting Technology’s 100kA model offers greater reliability and efficiency by utilising natural ventilation and achieving maximum current rating up to and including 6300A.
This design feature was fully tested at an ABB laboratory to ensure that temperatures within the assembly remained at acceptable levels.

An additional benefit is that utilising the latest ABB CB range  reduces the footprint of the switchgear by ten to twenty per cent. This means that despite its large fault level, the assembly can be installed without compromising on space.

The switchboard meets the requirement for higher fault ratings typically found in both building services and industrial applications.

Busbar ratings for the 100kA unit are 100kA for one second, with current ratings up to 6300A.

“Boulting’s 100kA LV switchboard utilises the latest air circuit breakers from ABB – the innovative SACE Emax 2 range,” explained Gordon Mullis, managing director at Boulting Technology. “When combined with our innovative turnkey solutions, we’re able to deliver designs optimised for maximum cost efficiency without compromising quality or performance.”

The Boulting Power Centre (BPC) range is available in 100kA, 80kA, 50kA and 25kA specifications, all of which employ the same compliance and features.