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Approachable data analytics presented at Water Equipment Show, May 2019

Boulting Technology delivered a whitepaper as part of the main conference programme at the Water Equipment show in Telford this week.

As SME’s and larger businesses acknowledge the need to digitalise, they are often overwhelmed by just what to do. In this paper, we demonstrated how the availability of new, inexpensive technology means that businesses can cost effectively gain value from the plethora of data available from instrumentation already in situ.

The proof of concept study highlighted the power of data analytics utilising Splunk that overcomes data silos, allows users to tap into their data and easily bring improved business outcomes quicker than ever before.

The study-utilised data collected from hardwired sensors (from Ifm) and software installed on a PC, rather than a cloud based solution. The authors recognised that a local network system could allay security fears in the initial stage, and that using “Add on” instrumentation will allay concerns about compromising existing systems by adding to, or changing them.

It was proposed that the ease and speed of set up to meaningful data will revolutionise the business case for existing assets, and judging by the number of visitors to the exhibition stand post the conference keynote talk, delegates agreed!

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Read the full white paper here