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Boulting Technology Roadmap

Boulting Technology Roadmap By Gordon Mullis, Managing Director of Boulting Technology

At board level, Boulting Technology has a clear strategy for the business, but as the company grows and new staff join – often in remote locations – how can we communicate that strategy and create the culture we want? This was the million dollar question we asked ourselves.

As an engineer myself, I know visual images and metaphors appeal to those of a technical mindset. They make abstract concepts like company culture more tangible. My goal was to stimulate discussion in the team, not just present my ideas as final. Overall, we sought alignment of our staff and a common language.

We commissioned a pictorial representation of Boulting’s mission statement. We called it the Boulting Technology roadmap and set about communicating it to the team. It is now in its second year and the feedback has been positive.

The roadmap captures the journey the company is on. Metaphorically speaking, the Boulting team is in the same van, travelling in the same direction. The route set in the GPS (our vision) and steered by our mission (our highway code) so we don’t lose our way. The road is supported by our values; compromise on these and the road will collapse.

As an organisation, we work hard to live by our strategy, to develop our people and satisfy our customers. Seeing the journey as a single point of reference helps us all to see the relationships between our vision, mission and values and the part each individual plays.

The journey starts by defining Boulting Technology’s purpose and the whole journey is under the banner of the value proposition. Our milestones and checkpoints include our activities, resources and key performance indicators. By far our greatest asset is our people who are core to our business.

At Boulting, customer relationships are prominent on the road to success. There are the occasional potholes and roadblocks, but by recognising issues Boulting Technology can work together to bridge them. Now staff and visitors can see the roadmap in key areas of the business at each of our locations. As with any changing landscape, the roadmap reviewed regularly to ensure we move in the right direction together.

We would love to hear your thoughts about our journey and stories of your own missions and destinations.