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Good news for Electrical engineers, contractors and consulting engineers

In 1998, Google was founded, the first Apple iMac was introduced and the legendary Windows ’98 was released by Microsoft. In a less glamorous but equally important corner of industry, a new commission was being formed to revise the complex IEC 60439 industry standard, which governed the safety and performance of electrical switchgear assemblies. Although Windows ‘98 has long been consigned to history, the new industry standard – BS EN 61439 – will only become mandatory on November 1, 2014.

Here, Pat McLaughlin Boulting Technology’s Operations Director explains how original equipment manufacturers, panel builders, electrical engineers, consulting engineers and contractors can make sure they aren’t caught off guard by the new BS EN 61439 standard.

The good news for electrical engineers, contractors and consulting engineers looking to purchase a switchboard is that all they need to do is make sure their suppliers are compliant with the new standard, especially after November 1, 2014.
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