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New dedicated email addresses for Boulting Technology

Two new email addresses

We have introduced two new dedicated email addresses to ensure that our clients receive the best possible response.

“Increasingly, clients communicate with us by email. Whilst this is fast and reliable, the risk is that the emails do not reach the most appropriate person immediately by relying on recipients to forward them to the correct parties.” Explains Nick Boughton, Sales manager.

“The new system will enable us to action enquiries and orders as soon as possible, making certain that we consistently meet our clients’ needs and our service objectives. By using a centralised point of contact, we’ll ensure that the correct Boulting personnel will receive your enquiry or order without delay, and you will receive an acknowledgement from us”

We recognise how busy you are, so by using these addresses we can be up and running with your requirements straight away.

For quotation enquiries, the address quoterequest@boulting.co.uk can be used, and for orders ​technologyorders@boulting.co.uk.