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Borehole optimisation saved 273,750 kWh per annum

Boulting Pump Management is far more than just pump testing. Using our tried and tested Pump System Optimisation (PSOp) and Reservoir Modelling software we are able to minimise energy consumption and cost.

Inefficiency can be inherent in evolved control

Our client, a major UK water company is striving to make efficiency savings as part of their delivery plan.

The site contained four submersible borehole pumps. Each pump was a different make/model/duty and each borehole (and well) had very specific characteristics. The original control took none of this into account and was very inefficient when operating on more than one pump.

Holistic approach to optimisation achieves significant savings

After testing the pumps, we developed an algorithm that would ensure the required flow rate was split between the optimum number of pumps. Speed correction factors were developed to compensate for the differences between each borehole and pump.

The PSOp system achieved some 25kWh/Ml savings for the average extraction of 30 Million Litres per day. The resulting savings are 273,750 kWh per annum

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