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Energy Management, Power Quality and ISO 50001

Energy Management & Power Quality systems enable users across a wide range of sectors to make informed decisions about energy use and power quality


We offer a range of solutions enabling users to make informed decisions about their energy consumption and power quality.

Applicable to a wide range of industry sectors, we offer systems for new builds or brownfield sites which support continuous improvement and an Energy Management System meeting the require-ments of ISO 50001.

Typical Project Scope

• Site Survey
• System Design
• Supply and Installation
• Modifications to existing panels
• Inspection and  Testing
• Commissioning
• Training
• Documentation
• Standby
• Monitoring
• Remote support
• Project Validation

Typical EMS architecture


Value Added

This type of EMS system supports:

• Changes to work patterns
• Accurate cost allocation (cost centres)
• Intelligent load shedding
• Tariff optimisation
• Utility bill validation
• Power quality analysis and maintenance
• Scalable solutions
• Multisite and phased implementation
• Remote monitoring and logging

(graphics courtesy of Janitza GmbH)

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