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Energy saving of £147k per annum at Large RWPS

Boulting Pump Management implemented Pump System Optimisation (PSOp) to help Anglian Water reduce their carbon footprint.  Through a collaborative approach with Anglian Water’s Operations and Energy Team , the root causes of suspected inefficiencies and failures at a large Raw Water Pumping Station (RWPS) were determined and rectified.

Boulting Pump Management take holistic view for maximum efficiency

After a detailed analysis of the pumps and system, we identified that the installed assets weren’t being utilised to their full potential. The system was complex and covered a broad range of fixed and variable speed pumps of varying sizes, voltages and ages. The control system could not adequately operate this mix of assets together efficiently. Boulting Pump Management customised their Pump System Optimisation tool for this application to alleviate all issues.

Full simulation for cost effective modelling and minimal disruption

The project installation was during crucial winter months when maximum pumping was required therefore significant downtime could not be tolerated. To tackle this we created a full simulation of the control where end-users could fully test and interact with the new control during its development. This included real time feedback enabling virtual control of the station at any time.

The simulation was so successful that calculated flowrates proved more accurate than the real flowmeters on site, and so were used as part of the main control during the project.

Remodelling control philosophy

To resolve the issue of assets not being utilised to their full potential, we implemented an intelligent level-control and pump scheduling philosophy. This passively balanced the systems, allowing the pumps to run more consistently, with no regular changes to speed.

Improved efficiency results in substantial £147k saving per annum

These savings were delivered in the crucial winter months with no major downtime. The project has vastly reduced maintenance of motors and the risk of fatigue failure of the pump line-shafts. There is now a greater understanding and visibility of system performance, leading to a more sustainable station both now and in the future.

“Boulting collaborated closely with Anglian Water’s energy and operations teams ensuring we were part of the entire process. As a result a well balanced solution was delivered which will sustain savings.”  Chris Evans, Energy Programme Manager, Anglian Water

“The understanding we now have of this system and the bugs that have been ironed out in enabling this project have made it more reliable and sustainable.

Clearly the financial savings in energy are the driver for this but the benefits in understanding asset use and smoothing the way the motors are operating will help protect the asset life.

This project helps the business protect the reliability for years to come in maintaining strategic reservoir levels in the face of increasing power costs and climatic uncertainty” Simon Banbury, Supply Manager, Wing WTW

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