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Infrastructure and Network Upgrade supports expansion

Boulting and NETbuilder provided a client with large production facility, the confidence and ability to expand following a review and overhaul of an existing failing industrial network infrastructure.

An evolved infrastructure lead to reliability, security and resilience issues

The production facility had evolved over many years with the Industrial network growing organically as functionality and instrumentation was added over time. Resilience and reliability had also become of concern in the ageing infrastructure. In addition, the system was poorly documented because of the way changes to the system had been implemented over the years. Consequently the system had became increasingly difficult to repair or modify.

Furthermore, network security was of high concern because of the way the system had been modified.

New infrastructure to support expansion

Boulting Technology and NETbuilder worked with the client to review the requirements of the new network enabling adding additional control systems, ensuring that the production facility could further expand its capabilities.

  • Understanding of clients future high level requirements
  • Undertake a detailed survey of the existing system, and document findings
  • Design new network to meet client current and future needs (throughput, resilience, security, etc.)
  • Build a replica test network off-site to enable extensive resilience testing
  • Install new network in parallel with existing network
  • Test the new network
  • Begin migration of systems to new network, testing at each stage.
  • Once migration and testing completed, the old network was de-commissioned

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