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IT and OT Infrastructure Modernisation

A Global-flooring manufacturer wished to improve efficiency and productivity in its UK manufacturing facility. Boulting and NETbuilder provided a cohesive IT and OT infrastructure and ongoing support for an end to end solution.

Production monitoring at clients fingertips

Boulting and NETbuilder modernised the IT and OT infrastructure to support the Rockwell FactoryTalk® solution. Now, through the provision of secure access, production engineers can access the systems from their desks quickly safely, and securely. With the Production engineers no longer required to manually visit the production systems to review and carry out operational tasks, efficiency is improved. In addition, revision of the OT infrastructure segregated a large number of production lines from each other and the wider network infrastructure.

Infrastructure for the future

NETbuilder designed and implemented a solution that met all the current and future anticipated clients’ requirements. The solution included:

  • The design and implementation of a highly available virtual infrastructure using Dell servers, VMware vSphere and Dell SAN to host the FactoryTalk solution.
  • The creation and implementation of a VLAN and associated IP addressing schema for the production OT infrastructure using Cisco and Rockwell Industrial switches
  • A highly-available WatchGuard firewall cluster that used the VLAN schema to securely segregate the various production lines and enabled secure access from the IT network for the production engineers.
  • The creation of a separate secure VLAN to host the FactoryTalk servers.
  • The creation of a separate secure VLAN to host legacy servers.
  • UTM features on the firewall cluster to further enhance the security of the overall solution. UTM features included IPS, GAV and Application Control.
  • Logging of all network and access flows traversing the firewall for auditing and analysis purposes.

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