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Large Pumping Station saved 224, 376 kWh per annum

Pump System Optimisation and Reservoir modelling for improved efficiency

Using our tried and tested Pump System Optimisation (PSOp) and Reservoir Modelling software we are able to minimise energy consumption and cost.  A large pumping station in London was controlled to maintain a constant level with no consideration for the specific energy consumption (SEC – kWh/Ml) of the system. Variation to the level was small but was achieved with very large ranges in flowrates and efficiency.

Synchronisation based on energy consumption with PSOp

A much improved control philosophy was specified, installed and commissioned by Boulting Pump Management, which resulted in less variation to level and greatly smoothed flowrates.

The control band (400mm allowed variation in level) was modelled, which allowed the effect of the new control to be fully defined and agreed prior to installation. The new control is meeting the required demand in the most efficient way.

The PSOp control achieved a more stable level and annual savings of 224,376 kWh per annum. One key saving was achieved by compensating for the differences in pump duties under multiple-pump operation. This resulted in the control sycnronising pumps based on specific energy consumption rather than speed.

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