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Tier 4 Data Centre in West London

Demanding applications require high availability power to maintain critical services


Client Merrill Lynch required a new offsite data centre in West London. The project comprised construction of a 2000 m2 data hall with all associated infrastructure and an 8000 m2 disaster recovery facility.
The project involved the construction of a Tier 4 resilient data centre within a large warehouse previously used for telecoms equipment manufacturing.

Boulting MCP’s meet heavy load.

The Boulting Group were appointed to deliver eight Mechanical Control Panels (MCPs).

The new facility provided 850 cabinet spaces on day one, each with two 63A power suppliers, and incorporated 2n generator resilience, 2(n+1) UPS resilience, 2(n+1) chiller resilience, and a load basis of 1,500 W/m2.

Boulting MCP’s critical to Tier 4.

Boulting Scope included design, manufacture, Factory Acceptance Testing, Installation and Commissioning of 8 MCP’s.

This enabled Merrill Lynch to meet the stringent tier 4 criteria of all cooling equipment to be independently dual-powered, including chillers and heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems.

Control through expertise.

Each Mechanical Control Panel was designed to feed and control the Data Centre Air Handling Units, Chiller units and Extract Fans.

In addition each Panel was interfaced to the site Energy monitoring system and building management system.

Interfacing to third party equipment was essential to provide and reliable system and a simplified commissioning period.

Stringent availability criteria met with Boulting.

Tier 4 requires a fault-tolerant site infrastructure with electrical power storage and distribution facilities with expected availability of 99.995%.

Implementation of high quality, proven products and an auto changeover system on the main supply ensured Tier 4 criteria were met. This equates to a downtime of less than 26.28 minutes a year.

Provision of seamless interfacing to a third party system within a critical timeframe was aided by our extensive project management experience.

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