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Our holistic view of pumping systems ensures savings are maximised

Rather than looking at pumping components in isolation, our experts analyse the system as a whole, identifying clear kWh savings and ROI. Working closely with clients, recommendations are implemented and savings monitored. Uniquely, we can deliver all aspects of even the most demanding project and are independent of pump manufacturers.


Our initial system survey would typically cover: - Where is it pumping from & to? - What changes during operation? - Pipeline diameter/Pipeline velocities. - Valve arrangement. - Static head variations. - Flow variations. - Reliability & failures. - Specific Energy Consumption. - Control Systems.


We use specialist thermodynamic test equipment to give us a detailed snapshot of the pump efficiency which, in conjunction with the observed data from the survey enables us to quickly assemble a report with recommendations, fully costed, with an achievable ROI.


Drawing on the resources of Boulting Group we can offer a complete implementation service enabling us to retain ownership of the entire project and deliver the projected savings.

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