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Delivering unique, cost effective risk management of control systems

Boulting have harnessed vast experience backed by extensive company resources and a professional approach to offer a unique, risk based approach in managing automated control systems.

The service, which includes control system audits, preventative maintenance plans and recommended risk reduction techniques encourages improvements to all processes and quality assurance.

Our unique approach will help to identify areas of risk to your equipment and plant control systems, supporting  value judgements for your business. Through our audit and implementation of identified corrective actions, we can ensure you have an effective programme in place, minimising the effects of component obsolescence, reducing the cost of spares and providing a robust 24/7crisis management plan should things go wrong.

Our up to the minute systems knowledge with unparalleled experience of legacy systems will always ensure that you have the best possible solution.

Security through knowledge

Through a site adoption programme, we  deliver peace of mind  through keeping your systems safe and secure, with your equipment fully itemised. We conduct a non-invasive survey of your PLCHMISCADA and other related control system components, followed by our unique analysis to concisely highlight areas of risk.

By defining your risk profile, our cost effective, tailored solution will mitigate potential control system failures and ensure maximum uptime and protection of your critical processes. Through our service packages, we deliver risk reduction recommendations  to leave you certain that you have instant backup and service support in a moment of crisis.

And we don’t just stop there. With annual assessments we not only monitor the reduction of  risk within your business  but we also take into account  the impact from  any newly implemented service or process changes

We answer your call any time of day or night

We understand that your business runs 24 hours a day, whether you are part of the critical infrastructure or a business that simply never sleeps. That’s why we have engineers available on call 24/7, 365 days of the year. Our experienced, dedicated service team has the tools, knowledge and backing to get your system running again safely and in the shortest possible time.

Risk prevention for peace of mind

Our experienced team can offer scheduled preventative maintenance to keep you in tip top condition. As systems integrators for a number of key OEM vendors, along with our independent status, we are unique in our depth and breadth of knowledge. This meaning  that we can support a huge variety of equipment that you may have.

Our service will help you to manage up-to-date versions of your PLCHMI and SCADA software, ensuring that you get the latest information and maximise the efficiency of your systems.

The technological depth and industry knowledge we bring into our obsolescence planning will support your long term risk management goals and ensure the smooth running of your systems.

Level of service

The core of our offer is risk reduction  through service and support with clear and straightforward costs. You can benefit from our fully defined support package and an annual service charge, or simply opt for a pay as you go service.

BRISK: Boulting Risk Management

Want to know what your risk profile is today?

Take our free, no obligation and confidential BRISK survey to receive your personalised asset risk summary report.


You can also contact us directly at enquiry@boulting.co.uk

Core service

Advice and support whenever you need it. Every client benefits from:
- 24 hour, 365 day call handling
- Guaranteed response times
- Basic risk analysis report and recommendations

Enhanced service

We provide a range of additional services on top of our core service offering enabling you to build a tailored package to truly suit your business needs
In addition to our Core Service you can select from the following additional services in order to deliver maximum reduction of risk.

Additional Services include:

- Full site adoption service
- Secure archiving
- Annual technical audit
- Obsolescence planning
- Risk mitigation
- Inventory management
- Security analysis
- Preventative maintenance
- Immediate engineer despatch 24/7/365

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